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Joint pain? Sports injuries? The providers at Riverside Orthopedic Specialists – Gloucester combine extensive orthopedic training with the warmth of a small town practice. They hold a vast amount of expertise in orthopedic treatment and specialize in total joint replacement, hand surgery, arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures, trauma related injuries and cartilage restoration procedures.

Steven J. Hospodar, M.D.
Barbaro J. Perez, M.D.
Christopher Schultz, PA-C

General Surgery

There’s nothing general about general surgeons. Our surgical specialists are specially trained, offering a wide spectrum of integrated and specialized surgical expertise as well as general surgery. You expect expert, high quality care and attention to your individual surgical need, which we strive to exceed. Our comprehensive array of surgical services treats conditions large and small: from hernias and hemorrhoids to larger organ systems.

Melvin D. Schursky Jr., M.D.
Michael J. Francis, M.D.


Riverside Gastroenterology Specialists – Gloucester combines extensive expertise with patient-centered care. Our physicians specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions related to the digestive system, including the esophagus, stomach, colon, liver, gallbladder and pancreas. They routinely perform colonoscopies, endoscopies, and other advanced diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Shahwali Arezo, M.D.
John Damian Long, M.D.


Riverside Urology Specialists – Gloucester is fully equipped to evaluate and treat patients with a variety of Urologic disorders. We offer the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments for both men and women. Our patients receive urologic care in a warm and safe environment that allows them the opportunity to choose treatment options that best suit their needs and desires.

John B. Maggioncalda, M.D.

Ear, Nose and Throat

At Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians & Surgeons, our skilled and experienced physician specialists provide a complete range of care for common and complex conditions of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck for patients of all ages.

Joseph F. Wilson, M.D.



Riverside Middle Peninsula Cancer Center is located on the campus of Riverside Walter Reed Hospital. The center has both Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology services providing the communities of the Middle Peninsula and surrounding areas state of the art technology and a nationally recognized and credentialed compassionate team of radiation and medical oncology providers, surgeons, nurses, therapists, physicists and medical interventionalists.

Magi M. Khalil, M.D.
Lori K. Gillespie, M.D.


Hampton Roads Eye Associates is a team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, ophthalmic nurses, technicians, assistants and opticians providing the most comprehensive eye care on the Middle Peninsula and for surrounding regions.

Jeanne Q. Brooks, M.D.
Todd W. Geisert, M.D.


Riverside Partners in Women’s Health team members enhance the health and well-being of women in the prime of their lives. You have unique healthcare concerns, and we have a comprehensive set of services to meet your needs. And you’ll have access to screenings, risk assessments, wellness and health education. For conditions common to complex, our partners are here for you.

Elizabeth Lunsford, M.D.
Janet Dehoux, N.P.


At Riverside Vascular Specialists, patients experience where compassion and the latest technology come together. We diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the blood vessels outside of the heart and brain. These procedures include surgical bypass operations of the leg and the arteries in the neck as well as less invasive surgical procedures including the Venous Closure Procedure.

Ernest Zichal, D.O.

Plastic Surgery

Our cosmetic and reconstructive services are provided by our fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, in a safe and secure environment. Whether you desire non-surgical facial rejuvenation or the latest in breast reconstruction techniques, we are committed to providing the highest quality experience, focusing on the unique needs of the plastic surgery patient.

Claude A. Hawkins, M.D., FACS

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